Friday, January 13, 2012

I like to wear my Star Wars Jammies in Public! What's up with you?

Yeah it is true, I like to wear my Star Wars jammies in public,some of you have probably seen me. I am pretty sure I am on one of those web sites that features photos from Walmart surveillance  videos, of the white trash freaky people that frequent the superstores across the country.  Go ahead look it up.  I watched Mr. Poppers Penguins twice at work today!   It was just a tad more predictable with the second viewing than the first.  I haven't set my New Year's Resolutions yet this year.  You know  those people that say things like "This year I resolve not to make any New Year's Resolutions!"  They  go on to talk about how they don't want to make a bunch of resolutions they are just going to break anyway.  I guess this was original and clever once, like 20 years ago, now it is just annoying and it is not the reason I haven't done mine yet.   When I get around to making mine, my first resolve will be to stop procrastinating.  It is something I need to work on and I will get around to it someday.  I read on my niece Kristy's blog something about, to be a good blogger you need to post like once a month or something and although  that does ring true to me there has to be more to it than that because even if you post crap twice a day it is still crap.  Since I copied the idea to start my blog from Kristy to begin with when I get around to making my resolutions I think one will involve more frequent blogging.  Speaking of the word frequent, I have to pee a lot. (Did you see how I dropped that Segue? Boom!) My girth has a lot to do with this, for those of you reading my blog for the first time, I am gigantically fat.  Not as much as I was when I first blogged.  I have shed 30 pounds of ugly fat. Glory! Glory!  I feel a bit better and I really want that feeling to increase.  So one of my resolutions will  involve weight loss.  I think it is going to be a good year.  I just moved back in with my mom.  I like to just tell people that and then watch as they try to think of a tactful way to ask me if Wendy has finally wised up and kicked my butt out.  No and I pray every day that she doesn't.  I feel like Tim Tebow,  I mean nobody thought I was going to make it this far but here I am still with the woman of my dreams for going on something like 17 years. (As I was proof reading this I noticed I wrote 14 years and I am glad I caught that before I had Wendy look at this.{Good save! <3}) I brought her and the kids with me and it is a good situation for mom and the six of us.  I want to improve myself for all of them and a big part of this will be to become spiritually stronger and build my relationship with the Lord, so I want to include something about this when I set my New Year's Resolutions for 2012.  Speaking of this being 2012, if the Mayan calender is correct this year is going to be my last chance to get things right so I better get started.  Tune in next time to find out where you should NEVER take your wife for her special Birthday dinner....I  am so....out!