Monday, September 5, 2011

What's up with you? It's hard to get good service at 2:00 AM. ( I should have just gone to Jack in The Box)

So, What's up with you,
 My wife and  I had just dropped my daughter off at the psychiatric  Hospital and we were looking for something to eat. There is a Sheri's nearby  and we hadn't been there for a while, also our choices were limited it being 2:00 AM and all so we went with that.  As we pulled into the parking lot the words of our little girl were still fresh in our minds. "My parents will be better off if I die, I mean they will be sad at first but they will get over it." Wow...right? What do you do with something like that? So anyway our heads were spinning but our tummies were a rumbling so we entered the romantic ambiance of Sheri's restaurant at 2:00 AM. As I sat down and began to search the menu my wife went into the bathroom.  I was lost in thoughts wondering how my baby girl cannot see how lachrymose I would be if she suddenly was not in my life anymore when I suddenly heard our waitress making lewd comments to the obviously inebriated gentleman in the booth behind mine which prompted him to brag about the ample size of parts. Not wanting to spend my meal time listening to that,  I grabbed my wife's purse met her at the restroom door and said "Let's go."  So where to next?  There is a Denny's between our house and here lets go there. So we were off  to Denny's with hopes that nobody there would be too gross. As the bright lights of Fairview avenue flashed by Wendy and I discussed the fact that our princess had been bragging to her little sister about all the sins she planned on committing so that she would go to hell like she deserved.  My wife voiced her worry that such a weight has been put on our little eleven year old girl. It is hard for the little sister when she has to be the mature one.  So we got to Denny's there were a few people there including a group of wild teenagers that had apparently just gotten in a big napkin fight.  The waitress seemed frazzled but nobody was talking about their junk so we felt safe.  The waitress was prompt in seating us in a booth (She did allude to being worried that I might be too fat for the booth but I ignored that and fit my self snugly but comfortably in) and quickly brought us water and took our orders.  Then we didn't see her again for like 35 minutes. I mean o.k. we did see her bringing the people that were seated after us, their food but she just ignored us for the most part.  I am not sure why. With time to reflect I sat and looked  at my butter knife and remembered my dismay at finding two of my camping knives in Abby's school book bag. I mentioned this to Wendy and we decided we should have the schools S.R.O. bring her into his office and tell her in no uncertain terms what the consequences would be if she were caught with a knife at school.  Then my wife said "This is ridiculous! We have been here forever and everyone has their food but us!" She was irate.  So she went to the bathroom again (Remember all we'd really been doing is drinking water at these restaurants.)  with a vow that if we did not have our food by the time she returned we were leaving. I really wanted my breakfast burger so I crossed my fingers and waited. Well she got back and still no vittles, so we were out of there. The haggard  waitress did apologise profusely as we stormed out but was unable to offer any explanation as to why we were so woefully neglected.  Well I know I was still hungry all I had had to eat after sitting down in two different diners was the tip of my right thumbnail and a corner a napkin. Not very satisfying at all.  So we decided to back track a little to the International House of  Pancakes.  When we arrived we were greeted by a very pleasant hostess who upon hearing that this was our third attempt at an after midnight meal promptly seated us took our orders and unbelievably after a short wait brought us our food.  Glory! Glory! As I lovingly watched My beautiful wife gleefully attack her stack of Carmel coated pancakes I thought back to a time about ten years ago when I was at the library with my daughter. We were in an aisle standing near a young lady who I did not know and Abby wrapped her arms around my leg and sweetly said "I love you daddy."  I remember hearing the stranger gush "How cute." I remember how sweet and innocent and happy that little four year old girl was. Then I thought I know that person is still there she is who Abby really is and she will win this battle with depression.  We love her so much and we tell her all the time how much we love her and how much Jesus loves her. As I thought this I felt good and I knew everything was going to  be cool.  Then at the same time as I was disgusted to bite into my burger and find it was still raw inside my wife gasped as she pulled a long black curly hair out from under the whipped cream on her pancakes. No, I am kidding the food was awesome. That was how I spent this morning. Tune in next time to find out why you should never go to The Perkins down town on a  Friday night.  I am so...out.

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